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Daily Activities and Events

  • Daily activities @ West mambalam GMCKS Pranic Healing Center
  • New & Events Monday 10.30am -twin hearts meditation- open to all
  • New & EventsTuesday 6.30am- book study -eligibility basic pranic healing
  • New & EventsWednesday 6.00am- Arhatic dhyan
    10:30am- healing practice session, Book study & dhyan.
  • New & EventsFriday 10.30 - meditation on higher soul- eligibility achieving oneness with higher soul.
  • New & EventsSunday 6.30am- inner breath session.


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Welcome to GMCKS Pranic Healing

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui


Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui is the world's foremost authority on Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. His groundbreaking contribution to the healing arts has led to the widespread use of Pranic Healing to improve the quality of life for millions of people all over the world. He has spent decades studying exoteric and esoteric principles and methods of healing and meditations and continuously experimenting, researching and validating their efficacy.

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Achieving oneness with the higher soul workshop to be held on Aug 20th & 21st 2016, at Asha Nivas, 4th Rutland gate, Nungambakkam, opp Taj Coramendal, Chennai,Tamil Nadu

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Advance Pranic Healing workshop to be held on June 4th & 5th 2016 at GMCKS Pranic Healing Center, West mambalam, Chennai.


Pranic Crystal Healing Workshop to be held on June 10th & 11th 2016 at GMCKS Pranic Healing Center, Nungambakkam, Chennai.


Basic Pranic Healing Workshop to be held on June 11th & 12th at GMCKS Pranic Healing Centre , West Mambalam, Chennai.



For REGISTRATION and further Details Contact : 9710403992, 04423715038, 9710403991

No 9/6, Mahadevan Street, West Mambalam, Chennai-600083, Tamil Nadu, India.


Recent Pranic Healing Miracles:


1. A tiny 4 month old baby of Mrs.Selva Meenakshi was suffering from acute infection in urinary tract. The pus cells are supposed to be within the range of 0 to 2, but alas it was over 40, which is abnormal. Mrs.Indra Ramamoorthy, Managing Trustee of Pranic Healing Trust, TamilNadu, healed the baby on Oct 16, 2013 JUST TWICE. Miraculously the pus cells came down to 2. The doctors were puzzled to see this miracle. With Gratitude to our beloved Master Choa Kok Sui. Blessings to the baby who received Divine Energy.


2. A person was diagonised with tongue cancer and Mrs.Dhanalakshmi Narendran, Senior Pranic Healer and Trainer, from GMCKS West Mambalam center started healing him. The patient and his family was cooperative. Subsequently after 2 weeks, on day of surgery, the doctors told him, there are no symptoms of cancer, and after tests, he was told he is cancer free. Our humble gratitude to our Grand Master, and our surrender at His lotus feet.


3. Mrs.Parimala, Pranic healer and trainer, did pranic FACELIFT to a regular visitor of a center. Miraculously the pimples faded out and flawless skin emerging out. Photos of this miracle available in center, you can see them while visiting center.


4. A person has a sudden cardiac attack last month. Ms.Sharmila, Pranic Healer immediately volunteered to do healing even though it was around 11.30PM. Before the first healing that night, a stent was placed within few hours of attack, but he had not fully recovered and new trouble started with pulmonary edema and didnt pass urine. We informed Sharmi that heart would be in a state of shock and doctor told they need 24 hour observation. Meanwhile, Sharmi did first healing around 11.30 PM. All were worried about his parameters. After 2 healings within a time of 12 hours, patient started recovering. Infact recovery was miraculous even after first healing. He was able to breathe, lungs became normal again, was able to pass urine, he was able to have food, and he became normal. Every one smiled and was very happy. Thanks to GMCKS!






I started pranic healing in Feb 2009 and since then a lot of transformation happened in my life physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually. Pranic healing is a wonderful and priceless teachings. You will know your true self and you will be empowered.Financially - Money flows like a river to me and a lot of prosperity and abundance. Thanks to Master Choa.

- Arumugam, Businessman


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West Mambalam :+919710403992

Nungambakkam :+919941004440


Madipakkam: +919551678997

Mogappair East:+919500930602

Chrompet : 8428354547

Coimbatore: +919363125928

Cheyyar: +919444931508

Nagercoil: +919962218687

Manali Newtown: +919790029240

Pondicherry: +919994811784




  • FOR REGISTRATIONS & DETAILS CONTACT US AT-9710403992,04423715038
  • If you want to learn Pranic Healing, contact the GMCKS centers near you to know more about workshop schedules.